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  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure
  • Comune di Pietra Ligure

Pietrese dell'anno Award

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City of Pietra Ligure Award ‘Pietrese dell’Anno’
honors outstanding individuals of Pietra Ligure

Awards History:


Castella Alberto

Alberto Castella

“In recognition of his seriousness and enthusiasm during his formative years, so that he had a big success in field of electronic engineering. European citizen and example of enterprise for young people, who dedicate themselves to their studies and nowadays have to face with difficult challenges to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams”.

Filippo Orso

Filippo Orso

“In recognition of his successful sports achievements. Italian champion of surfing championship U-18, Italian champion of surfing under 18, member of the Italian National team at the World Surfing Championships in California and first in many European competitions. The most important national and international magazines published his results, ispiring young athletes to achieve their goals with dedication and determination. His activity as surf instructor contributes to the promotion of our region and above all of our sea.”


Gabriele Pedemonte

Gabriele Pedemonte

“For his ability in turning his passion for travels and photography in an opportunity of human and personal growth. His shots from all around the world reveal his feelings and enthusiasm of discovering. His photos have received important national and international awards and have been published on famous magazines. He has been able to show the further places of the world through the faces and stories of people who live there”.

luca valotta

Luca Valotta

Luca Valotta, Manager of Virgin Active Continental Europe „For its important management activity, that has made him one of the most appreciated authors of the revolution in the fields of fitness and wellness, giving new ideas and a new direction to this business. A new way of considering physical training, joining together relationships, design and technology, so that many young people undertstand the importance of practicing sports, increasing their interest for a correct and healthy lifestyle“



Donatella Mela

In recognition of her continuous and remarkable educational activities towards children and young people, based on strong universal values as solidarity, altruism and sharing. In recognition of her social commitment and her devotion to be always at the service of others: she guides children along their path of growth, helping them to be citizens of the world and true peacemakers. Thanks to her passion and engagement in scout movement, she has always been assiduously working with the local community. In 2016 she has taken on an important responsibility as Italian Chief Guide of Agesci (Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts Association), contributing to make the name of Pietra Ligure known nationwide.


Enrico Dagnino

Enrico Dagnino

In recognition of his outstanding career as war reporter and journalist. He has documented more than 25 years history, with his stories from war zones. He has been collaborating with many important newspapers and magazines with his photos about poverty, violence, hopes of oppressed people. He has always been working for the world of information and knowledge, often risking his life for a meeting or a report.


Paolo Palmarini

In recognition of his 39 years political commitment: he was member of the local government, as Councilor and Major, from 1975 to 2014. He always worked with devotion to duty and in the interest of the town of Pietra Ligure. Skill, honesty and long-sightedness have characterized his job. This is why his colleagues always hold him in high esteem, concerning both public and professional activity.

Pino Josi

Giuseppe Josi

In recognition of a constant, responsible, passionate participation in political activities at both a local and regional level.  For his intense commitment and vision that public health has both a social and economic value, he strenuously supported an innovative public health management while serving as a member of Liguria’s regional government.
He fostered and helped affirm, solidify and potentiate Pietra’s health institute Ospedale Santa Corona, a clinical care center of excellence nationally, and a fundamental, strategic resource locally, providing access to advanced medical care on Liguria’s western Riviera.  This award is also in recognition of Josi’s solid, deep connection with the City of Pietra Ligure.


Luca De Pedrini

His passion and commitment to sport, both as an athlete and, later, a trainer and instructor, have led him to the upper reaches of professional surfing internationally.
This award is in recognition of a successful career that spans over two decades between the 1980s and 90s. Since 1996 De Pedrini has served as National Coach for Italy’s olympic sailing team.
A way of life, a discipline, a sporting activity and an experience of the ocean as a force in the natural world that involves racers in a synergistic communication.
There is love and respect for sailing, the wind and the ocean in the pedagogy of Olympic class coach Luca De Pedrini to the athletes under his guidance.


Suor Bruna dell’Oca

In recognition of her assiduous commitment to vulnerable people in our community, of her constant dedication in support of women and children who are the victims of violence and are in need. Sister Bruna has delivered care that is loving and unobtrusive, at the same time that she has offered to move forward on a common path with people in her care. Listening and not judging, she has restored hope and confidence to those who have lost them. Inspired by solidarity and a culture of giving, she lives a life of helping others.


Maria Giovanna Mamberto (Mally)

In recognition of her 45 years career in tourism, for her experience and her knowledge of the tourist aspects of our region. In recognition of her professional background and determination, her ability and her skill in the tourism industry. She is considered one of the most important professional woman in tourism field, she is the leader of an important tour operator that has achieved in 2010 the milestone of sixty years of activity.



Accame comm. Giacomo

Promoter and founder of Pietra’s historical society ‘Centro Storico Pietrese’, a dedicated researcher and specialist of Pietra’s dialect who has helped relive Pietra’s ancient winter ceremonial ‘U Confögu’. A constant and strenuous advocate of the memory, culture and tradition of our past, Accame has authored numerous works with an impact on the continuation of the history, tradition and folklore of Pietra Ligure.
Giacomo Accame is a member of Italy’s honorary order of chivalry Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.



Bruzzone Prof. Franco

In recognition of excellence in artistic life. Franco Bruzzone is considered amongst the few protagonists of a renewed contemporary painting. This award is also in recognition of his commitment to art, its concepts and historical developments, of his continued, passionate research and constant intellectual endeavor toward new, unprecedented inspiration.



Potente Prof.ssa Antonietta

In recognition of her civic and religious commitment to human rights and to the rights of all living things. Of her nonviolent activism, of her passion and determination in the pursuit of her ideas and the strength to stand up for them. Compassionate and selfless, she has advocated for social justice independently and objectively; she has analyzed history, politics and religion in a disenchanted, intellectually free way at the same time that she has cultivated her right to associate truth to no individual source only.


REMBADO Luigi, Monsignore

A tribute to Monsignor Rembado on the momentous occasion of his 90th birthday, in celebration of his strong commitment and total dedication to serving his community in 65 years of priestly ministry.




CANEPA Prof Giuseppe,

For the level of excellence espressed in the areas of medicine and science in 50 years of an intense academic and clinical activity, and for the outstanding results obtained in research primarily on pediatric pathology, which earned Professor Canepa, additional to the numerous recognitions awarded to him during the course of his career, Italy’s health prize Medaglia d’oro al Merito della Sanità Pubblica della Presidenza della Repubblica.
Professor Giuseppe Canepa, MD is emeritus member of the pediatric orthopedics and trauma society of Italy.

Barbaglia prof.ssa Carla

In recognition of excellence in floral design. A master of this art, Barbaglia epitomizes the creative talent of our community. She has contributed to the promotion of Pietra Ligure internationally. Carla Barbaglia was Italy’s national finalist at WAFA’s 2005 World Show Competition in Yokohama, Japan, honoring the highest levels of achievement worldwide.




In recognition of the high level of cinematic art and culture of Viziano’s latest effort ‘Pietra Ligure, Il Paese del Miracolo’/Miracle in Pietra Ligure, an affectionate homage to our community and an important contribution to the knowledge of the history, traditions and beauties of Pietra Ligure. Acclaimed critically and successful with the public, Viziano’s work has helped raise the profile of Pietra Ligure as a visitor destination substantially.



For the extraordinary success of her novel ‘Al di là delle frontiere’/Beyond frontiers, also amplified in a televised dramatization, which embodies the spirit of the difficult time of WW2, while it masterly recreates the atmospheres, doubts, emotions that still linger in the memory of those who experienced them, and for the courageous affirmation that the power of love overcomes all barriers and the cruelty of separation.



ORSERO Raffaello

Raffaello Orsero has obtained exceptional results in various business fields. For this, he has been recognized with an honorary degree in economics from the University of Genoa. He has significantly contributed to the affirmation of an entrepreneurial culture and provided employment opportunities both in Pietra and in the Ligurian region, where he maintains strong relations at the same time that he grows his business internationally.